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Our Mission

Deliver safe and effective digital treatments to patients in need

We develop, validate, and commercialize software as prescription medical treatments for people with unmet medical needs. Through cognitive and neurobehavioral mechanisms, Click’s Digital Therapeutics™ enable change within individuals, and are designed to be used independently or in conjunction with biomedical treatments.

Science of Change

We are committed to helping you live the life you want. That is why we are developing the science of change. Our digital therapeutics empower you to alter the underlying mechanisms of disease—to target the thoughts, sensations, emotions and behaviors that define the experience of your condition—to help you achieve a healthier, happier life.

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Developing Software
As Treatments

We are a regulated Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)-focused biotechnology company that develops our applications as medical treatments in accordance with all relevant FDA, ISO and IEC standards.

We develop prescription software applications as medical devices that work independently or in conjunction with pharmacotherapies to treat disease.
We clinically validate these applications through rigorous randomized, controlled trials to demonstrate safety and efficacy.
We seek FDA clearance for our apps as class II medical devices with independent therapeutic treatment claims or as adjuncts to existing therapy.
Physicians prescribe our apps and payers reimburse for them, while we generate and apply real world evidence to continuously personalize and improve the applications.


David B. Klein
David B. Klein
Chief Executive Officer
Randall Stanicky
Randall Stanicky
Chief Financial Officer
Han Chiu
Han Chiu
Chief Technology Officer
Austin C. Speier
Austin C. Speier
Chief Strategy Officer
Shaheen Lakhan, MD, PhD, FAAN
Shaheen Lakhan, MD, PhD, FAAN
Chief Medical Officer
Richard DeNunzio
Richard DeNunzio
Chief Commercial Officer
Tarique Collins
Tarique Collins
Chief Legal Officer
Usha Dantu
Usha Dantu
Chief People Officer

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